PODCAST: Why do we love white trainers so much?

Join Emma Cole, Adefela Olowoselu, Alice Johnson and Alexandra Causer as they explore the journey of and reasons behind the persistent popularity of white trainers amongst women.

The next time you’re out and about you won’t have to look far to see the sheer quantity of white trainer clad feet around, from Converse plimsols to Nike hi-tops and vegan Vejas.

Listen in to feast your ears on an exploration into the evolution of women’s footwear throughout history and its intertwinement with feminism and the sexualisation of women.

Farfetch stylist Kate also discusses the undeniable rise of white trainers on the scene and their jump from practical sportswear to high-end fashion, and trainer collector Bijal shares why she loves trainers so much as well as the development of footwear fandom around the world.

THE VOTES ARE IN: And we want to know who our 1.8% with 10+ pairs of white trainers is – nice work.

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