REVIEW: Selling Sunset- Episode 1 of Season 1 “If Looks Could Sell”

The Netflix show Selling Sunset is based on quarter-of-a-billion dollar a year Los Angeles real estate company, The Oppenheim Group, owned by identical twin brothers, Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Beautifully filmed with lush color and editing, if you like fabulous locations and stunning houses in the Hollywood Hills, then the show doesn’t disappoint. The soundtrack is a cool mix of Hip Hop meets country pop.

The first episode of season one, If Looks could Sell  introduces estate agents Christine, a no-nonsense blonde with a distinctive ponytail, wise-looking Mary with the sharp bob, Maya, a polished and sophisticated Israeli brunette, Heather, a warm country gal type and Chrishell, the good-natured newest addition. And let’s not forget the office dogs, Niko and Zelda.

The show is kind of Fashion Week meets Charlie’s Angels.

Post the #Metoo movement, I’m not sure that an agency that promotes the use of beautiful women to show homes to mainly wealthy men as depicted in this episode is a wise concept. 

My discomfort only increases after a male client, alone in a house with Maya and full of suggestive innuendos, lies down on a bed and invites her to join him on it. She’s not impressed.

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