Gig review: Run-DMC and Raleigh Ritchie @ Scala London

The godfathers of hip-hop, Run-DMC, were joined by new kid on the block, Raleigh Ritchie, to celebrate 30 years of the Vodafone network, at Scala last night.

The event celebrated 30 years since Michael Harrison, son of former Vodafone Chairman Sir Ernest Harrison, first used the network to call his father at midnight on January 1 1985.

An incredible beatboxing set from THePETEBOX, who was named Radio 1 Beatboxing champion 2005, welcomed gig-goers into Scala, followed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth, who was the ringmaster for the night.

Charlie said: “Tonight is going to be a magical night.

“Run-D.M.C really did influence the lifestyle of hip-hop on a whole another level.”

Run DMC swl
IT’S LIKE THAT, IT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS! RUN-DMC performing at Scala last night

A suitably funky DJ set from one half of Australian DJ duo The Faders, was followed by a high-energy performance from Bristol-born singer Raleigh Ritchie, known to many as Grey Worm in cult TV series, Game of Thrones.

Ritchie pulled out all the stops in a set that gave us the best bits of his 2013 EP The Middle Child, and snippets from his most recent work Black and Blue, including tracks Bloodsport and Stronger than ever.

Ritchie was the perfect supporting act to complement the main event to the supernovas of bass –the two remaining members of Run-D.M.C – who showed us they still got it, and more.

DJ Run aka Rev.Run (Joseph Simmons) was the true performer of the night, with DMC (Darryl McDaniels) providing great backing vocals, getting in with the crowd and showcasing his significant six-pack on several occasions.

The set list included classics such as Walk This Way, Run’s House, It’s Tricky, as well as Rock Box, Down with the King and Mary Mary.

Superb backing DJs also gave us a glimpse into the old-school talent that made them Grand Master Jay’s (Jason Mizell) closest allies, with incredible speed and agility in their vinyl work.

They used their tongues, chins, as well as fingers, to deliver that distinctive sound of the 80s all over again.

This flashback performance was an understated celebration of the dawn of the technology on which we all depend, and so it was fitting that the audience were invited to take pictures and record songs throughout.

The show was also streamed live to Vodafone customers worldwide.

You can watch the show here.

Featured image courtesy of darthpedrius, with thanks. 

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