COMMENT: Keeping Up The Kardashians – Kim’s journey to the altar

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s love story really was a modern fairytale.

But looking back on the episode of their reality show documenting the lead up to their wedding day is sad to see, knowing how things turned sour for the couple.

Their wedding day, although filled with the usual stresses and challenges, did look absolutely idealistic. The couple began their wedding preparations in Paris, where they first fell in love and had the ceremony in Florence, Italy. 

They surprised their whole family who believed they would be wed in France. How the other half live, eh? I could never in a million years imagine having my wedding in Paris – nevermind flying my family to a whole other country the day of.

The idea of it is something special though as they were tracing back their love story with the locations of their wedding – Paris where they fell in love and Florence for where they conceived their first born, North. 

As much as I don’t like the capitalistic, materialistic gluttony, greed and sheer vanity I think the Kardashian clan stand for, one thing I will give them is their family first attitude and appreciation and dedication to sentimentality. 

I thought it was so heartwarming to see Kim and her baby daughter sharing a real moment together during her dress fitting and she really put it perfectly when she said that it is really special to her and Kanye to have North as part of their big day and have those memories to look back on.

The episode ends when the camera cuts as Kim walks alone down towards the aisle which I think was truly a classy move on the family’s part because as much as they like to document almost every single detail of their lives for the camera, they do have the sense to keep some things for just themselves.

And despite the bridesmaids dress drama, issues with the veil and Kim’s brother Rob missing the wedding due to a run in with the paparazzi the Kardashian West wedding was most definitely an iconic moment in pop culture history.

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