Royal couple to visit south London radio station

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will visit a Brixton radio station on Tuesday for their second official visit since announcing their engagement.

Reprezent FM, located at POP Brixton and aimed at 13-25-year-olds, will welcome the couple to learn about the station’s operation, as well as its commitment to involve young community members.

Station founder Shane Carey believes the Prince and Miss Markle are the perfect fit for Reprezent’s core values.

He said: “The excitement internally and with the audience is great. I think from an organisational point of view it’s really good because we’ve been working with young people for years now in south and east London.

“Harry’s massively interested in youth development, mentoring young people and everybody having a chance, and that’s exactly what we think.

“[Meghan] has been very vocal on women’s rights and we’ve got a 60-40 split female-male, we’ve always had more young girls apply than blokes, so I think that’ll be good for her.”

Reprezent launched in 2008 as an off-shoot of Radio Peckham, also founded by Mr Carey, during a knife crime spike, and welcomes 250 young people a week to both volunteer and discuss social issues.

Mr Carey said: “I suppose what it started as and became is a structured way of unlocking the potential of young people. All the content that goes out, all the music that’s chosen, all the issues that are discussed, that comes from the young people.

“As soon as the Palace released it last Tuesday the reaction from the young people right across the board – audience and presenters – was massively positive, it was great.

“There’ll be young people meeting them and talking to them, telling them about what they do in Reprezent and what the journey is.”

The visit comes two weeks after Reprezent hosted a three-day collaboration including former Blur and Oasis frontmen Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher, which Mr Carey believes will be surpassed by the Royals.

He said: “That was brilliant again from a station credibility and music industry point of view, but these guys coming down, the frenzy is out of this world.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy talking to TV and media, it’s a massive profile boost for us.”

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