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Soulmate Social: A new dating service hits London

In a world of constant communication, a new dating service has found the antidote to the lonely singles of London: human connection.

Founder Breagha Campbell is London’s hottest cupid, with her new bespoke matching service Soulmate Social.

She prioritises human connection miles above all app’s algorithms, a decision is borne out of personal experience.

After attending an event where she was poorly matched with the only other queer woman in the room, she took matters into her own hands and Soulmate Social was born.

For little more than £10 you receive a personalised match and tickets to the afterparty which you attend post-date, hopefully with your beau in tow.

After attending her latest event and being matched up, I sat down with Breagha to get the inside scoop on what the future holds for London’s sexiest singles.

Honor: Breagha, hi! 

Breagha: Hi, first thing’s first- how was your first date?!

H: Honestly best first date I’ve had! BUT we are here to talk about you. Firstly, how was Soulmate Social born?

B: I had seen people do similar events before, one of which I attended, and I didn’t have a great match. I was put with a girl, and we were so different – classic girls being put together just because there aren’t that many bisexual entrants. 

I thought: “I can do this better and make this bigger!” I also think people don’t kiss enough strangers on a night out any more! After being single for a long time I was bored with London nightlife with regards to meeting new people. I decided to create a space where people really connect, whether making new friends or potentially finding the love of your life…

H: How do you create these amazing connections with all these different people? You’ve had more than 500 dates to organise since the launch of Soulmate Social.

B: The matching process is way more detailed and thorough – I like to say we preserve the human touch, which I think the apps dissolve; human conncetion and NO algorithms.  The form offers me the chance to get to know everyone who signed up and we take matching everyone up very seriously. 

B: The process takes weeks, but it’s always worth it when I see two people have a great date on the night. The form is around 20 questions which aim to discover what people are like, and what they like to do, and to give a great idea of someone’s vibe and personality.

B: I also look at people’s Instagrams if they have one or I ask for photos as it is super helpful when seeing what someone’s style is like or what they like to post about, etc… it gives me even more insight into their interests and passions. Often I have a gut feeling when a date is going to go well – and I have been right many times!

H: And what about those couples that don’t just quite feel that spark?

B: If your date doesn’t go to plan, there’s always the afterparty. It’s a really fun but relaxed environment where you can re-join your friends, dance the night away and most importantly be around lots of other single people. For anxious daters especially, I include myself in this category, I think it’s a really great way to ease yourself in.

H: Obviously you’ve spoken about inclusivity and how you yourself as a queer woman have experienced dating, how does Soulmate Social support diversity and inclusivity?

B: I am super keen to include queer communities into Soulmate Social. This is hard as queer nightlife tends to be very separate from hetero events, but it’s super important to present the events as welcoming for everyone.

I also am determined to include people with disabilities and those who might find dating challenging with regards to that. I have a long way to go on this, but it’s a huge part of the event – making sure everyone gets a shot at love, as cheesy as it sounds.

H: How do you envision Soulmate Social evolving or expanding in the future? What’s the battle plan? It already seems to be going phenomenally well.

B: Bless you, queen. Who knows?! Right now, I am balancing a real job in television with hectic event planning! I want to do more charity fundraisers and get other creative people and businesses on board for event collaborations. We are already planning our second event for this year, so watch this space! Also, any big-shot investors who want to talk investment – holler at me!  

H: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering using Soulmate Social to find love?

B: Give it a go. I promise it will be worth your while. At the end of the day it is a fun opportunity to practise dating, have a sick night out with mates, and potentially kiss someone amazing – what’s the worst that could happen? Get off the apps and come to Soulmate Social.

H: Finally, and most importantly, how can individuals interested in learning more about Soul Mate Social or joining the platform get involved?

B: Follow the Instagram @soulmatesocial_ or visit the website at soulmatesocial.co.uk

Image credit: Soulmate Social

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