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Run clubs are the hottest new way to date

There are lots of ways to date in 2024, but a new and trending idea is run clubs.

Last week, Tinder launched the first of its SoleMates 5K runs with the coaching app Runna, which sold out rapidly.

Max Heathy, a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who met his girlfriend at a run club, said: “Run clubs definitely are the new trendy way of dating.

“A Tinder dating run club is so overdue and I think it would be so good.

“Run clubs provide an opportunity for people with different lifestyles to meet each other, say someone who works in the city and a plumber.

“It can broaden your horizons and you’re doing it through the love of running. 

“I think connections are solidified through the love of a hobby, especially with running where you are keeping each other accountable, pushing each other, it’s very much a collaborative effort.

“These are good foundations for building a really nice relationship.”

Tinder is the world’s most popular online dating app, with more than 530 million downloads and half of its users being between the ages of 18-25.

Runna is partnering with the dating app to help people meet in real life over three weekly runs throughout June and July.

Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Senior Communications Director from Tinder said: “With the nights getting longer, and many young singles ditching the classic dinner date, the SoleMates Run Clubs allow young singles to enjoy an IRL date with a difference.”

Ultimately running has become the new night out as nearly half of 18-25s in the UK often opt for low or no-alcohol beverages and instead want to prioritise their health.

Tinder isn’t the only dating app to harvest this idea, as online dating app Thursday has also hosted running events that have had a great turn out.

The app often hosts tailor made events, so people can meet whilst doing something they enjoy and within the age range they are looking to meet.

Heathy said: “For a lot of run clubs and fitness events that I’ve been to, you don’t tend to get anyone below the age of 20 or 21, so most of them have already been through their drinking, smoking and party phase.

“Feeling the pressure of their everyday life, they turn to fitness as an outlet and I think where there has been an increase in this age range committing to these sorts of things, it’s a fantastic way of meeting people as you’re bonding over something that benefits your health.”

Strava reported that women under the age of 25 are the fastest growing community to use their fitness tracking app and to be using it to record their runs.

Ben Parker, Co-Founder & Head Coach at Runna added: “It’s been incredible to see the love for running spread across London, with so many amazing new run clubs, enriching local communities. 

“With our passion for running, we are thrilled to be teaming up with Tinder for the SoleMates Run Clubs and can’t wait to welcome runners down to the event and hopefully help build some great new connections!”

To find tickets for an upcoming Tinder run club click here.

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