REVIEW: Banking to win at MONOPOLY LIFESIZED interactive board game

The family favourite Hasbro Gaming board game Monopoly has been brought to London in a life-sized interactive way.

Located on Tottenham Court Road, Mr Monopoly and a series of famous game pieces have been brought to life by a variety of theatrical individuals in the heart of the West End.

Dressed in garments to reflect the desired Monopoly piece, the game-leading tokens wore hats with metal items to clearly depict the character they were portraying, whether this be the popular Scottie-dog or out-dated Thimble.

David Hutchinson, CEO of The Path Entertainment Group, said: “The response has been phenomenal.

“What’s brilliant is seeing people’s passion for Monopoly translate to excitement around this fantastic new immersive experience. 

“We’re already inundated with approaches to set up Monopoly Lifesized in locations around the globe and bring the world’s favourite board game to life for the whole world.”

The game has been described as energetic and exhilarating as the well-crafted, 15x15m board contains a series of timed escape-like rooms.

Teams have to complete to win the property or if already owned, make back a small fortune.

Being under pressure while solving a brain-challenger can be tricky, but rest-assured your Monopoly mascot will not leave you stuck, they offer subtle hints and general direction all throughout the game.

ROLL TO WIN: your monopoly mascot accompanies you throughout the game to offer hints and direction. Photo Credit: ©HelenMaybanks

It is a totally immersive experience and neither character nor theme are broken at any point, the menu in The Top Hat bar and restaurant follows suit where the layout is structured like the property game cards. 

The interior of the foyer, dining spaces and cloakroom are decorated with a sense of class and expense which relates to the ongoing Monopoly money making aesthetic. 

The new festive menu was well-received with cocktails mocking tastes like mince pies or apple tarts, they are sweet and spiced which gave a sense of warm Christmas spirit. 

The bar staff were smart and professionally dressed in a white shirt, black bow tie and trousers and were prompt and polite.

Whether you’re stopping by for just a fun game with friends or the whole dining and playing experience with family, the atmosphere makes you feel exclusive before even stepping into the game.

As quoted on the Path Entertainment website: “All the most well-loved elements of a classic MONOPOLY gameplay have been translated into an exciting 4D experience on a full-sized board.”

It is a match for all as the creative-team smartly designed four boards, Classic, Luxury, City and a Junior’s game, choose your desired edition and roll the die to begin the game.

Many of London’s famous locations are featured in the game and with its central location, the game feels more alive than ever as you will probably pass one or two places en route to the building.

Tom Beynon, producer of the game quoted on an Instagram video: “It’s a game everyone knows and a brand new way to play it” 

Just like when you play Monopoly at Christmas, the game requires good communication, strategic thinking and of course competitive behaviour.

Being able to see other teams roll the dice or get sent to jail builds the hunger to win and makes the 75 minute round fly by.

The score board is situated in the centre of the board hanging from the ceiling to maximise floor space but to reveal the anticipated winners.

It is a tense game filled with moments of pressure and relief which makes it a fun experience for each teammate as the escape-rooms ensure everyone is involved.

For more information find them on Instagram or Twitter @MonopolyLifeSized and Book your tickets here: https://www.monopolylifesized.co

Photo Credits: ©HelenMaybanks

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