Top ten list of the best sports to bet on

One of the best things about betting online is the incredible range of sports that are available to the bettor.

The vast number of markets that open up for a punter while betting on sports is incredible, but choosing from this vast assortment of options can seem a little daunting.

Hence, here we are with a smart betting guide that will help and enable you to choose the right game to bet on.

Read on further to know more about different games that could be the right prospect for you.


Currently, football is the world’s most popular sport in terms of participants and spectators and there are different ways to bet in different markets.

For instance, you can bet with the 3-Way Moneyline betting. This kind of betting, also known as 1×2, gives you three final game outcomes to bet on.

A vast number of other ways can be explored over time with more experience and expertise.

Horse Racing

One major key features is to identify the fastest running horse, but in the betting world, this can have many variations.

A straight bet, also known as the winning bet, means staking money on the horse.

If the horse comes in first place, the bet is a winner. The bet can be for the first or the second place.

You may also go for an each-way single bet which is considered to be the safest kind of bet.

This means that you do not need multiple horses to receive a return on your bet.

You can try different approaches in this particular game as it offers endless possibilities.


There are different ways to bet on tennis. Some of them are Moneyline, Game Spread, Set Spread, Futures, Props or even Live Betting.

You may consider many factors while deciding to bet in the game.

Surface, Fatigue and travel, Break point conversion, save percentage or different player niches are some of the most common factors to be looked at while making betting decisions.


One of the most popular games all over the world, cricket has many aspects to it.

Familiarity with the game, its history, and its players are always an additional help while betting.

Some of the most popular cricket bets are Match betting, Completed Match, Tied Match, Innings Run, Top Bowler, Top Batsman, Bowler Match Bets, Series Winner, Series Score, Win Toss, and so much more.


Once you have garnered a good knowledge of the game, rugby is fairly an interesting game to bet on.

While the steps of betting are similar to other games like comparing the Odds, adding your desired prediction, wagering some cash, and placing the bet.

Super Rugby, Six Nations Championship, Gallagher Premiership, Super League, NRL, and HSBC World Sevens are many of the tournament options to choose from.

They happen all through the year and hence give you ample time to plan and choose from.


Some boxing bets include knockdown, the duration of the combat, any points deductions, or the final outcome of the game.

You can bet on this sport considering any of these factors.


This mixed martial arts form is considerably fun to bet on.

You can keep in mind factors like the method of victory, round the fight ends, points handicap, futures, parlays and so much more.


This is the newest kind of gaming on the block. There are a number of games on different online casinos that you can try for this.


Basketball is one of the most watched games globally. For betting, you must bet on the team that covers the spread, meaning the team must win or lose by less than a stipulated margin of points

American Football

Betting on NFL is most common in the US. This betting can be done through MoneyLine, total points, or Handicap markets.

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