Mitcham ‘boxing BTEC’ founder on course for knock-out success

The founder of a boxing BTEC in Mitcham has seen his crop of fresh teens develop in to a group of upright young men after six months ‘boxing while learning’.

The group of eight London lads are studying for a BTEC level 3 Diploma in Sport at the Full Fitness Academy gym off Bishopsford Road.

Jordan Wilson, the man behind the unique blend of education and boxing, remembers the September day when he met his first class.

“We had some who turned up with their hands down their trousers and their hoods up on the first day,” he said.

“We had some turn up who wouldn’t say a word, they’d just nod and smile, but everyone has matured – we’re like a little family.

“The lads are excelling both in the classroom and with regards to training, they love it!”

The course is designed to ensure that young people, some of who are underprivileged, can secure a bright future for themselves.

The 26-year-old is adamant that the boxing training exists to compliment the education and not the other way around.

“All any youngster wants to do is train and be in the gym but the fact that we take the boxing away from them if we have to ensures that the work gets done,” he said.

“The boxing is the carrot that we dangle in front of them, if they don’t achieve what we need them to in the classroom then they don’t get the privilege of taking part in training.”

The students attend the academy from Monday to Friday and spend the morning studying before hitting the gym in the afternoon.

Jordan believes the coupling of education and training bears only positive results.

“They’re in an environment where they’re not only training and developing their physical attributes they’re actually learning about the body, movement and technique,” he said.

“It’s more than just physicality, in boxing you’ve got to outsmart your opponent.”

Jordan’s current students are all on course to pass their first year by the summer before heading back for their final year in September.

While the group still have over a year to go before they graduate Jordan is positive that the relationships he has made will go beyond the course.

“As much as I can help them I will and as much as they need help I will always try and be there to guide and steer them in the right direction if they need it,” he said.

“You never know if you’re going to need each other in the future. Some of them might go on to bigger and better and things and forget about me but I doubt I’ll forget any of them.

“I try and be everyone’s friend or like an older brother figure, I just try and be a role model to be honest.”

Jordan hopes the course will continue growing and is aiming for 20 more fresh faces in next September’s intake.

Anyone interested in the ‘boxing BTEC’ should contact Jordan Wilson on 07496093462 or via email at [email protected].

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