Mixed emotions for Streatham Redskins as ‘bogie’ London Raiders scupper weekend success

Streatham Redskins 3-2 Wightlink Raiders
Streatham Redskins 2-4 London Raiders

Streatham Redskins endured a weekend of mixed emotions as they racked up a win against old enemies Wightlink Raiders but felt the sting of defeat when they faced London Raiders a day later on Sunday.

The Redskins made it two out of two wins against their old rivals on the Isle of Wight securing a 3-2 victory with goals from Robbie Brown, Sean Scarborough and Adam Wood.

After dominating the first period the atmosphere on the Island was tense as Wightlink pulled two goals back and Streatham were forced to work hard to retain their lead.

Sunday’s London derby began well for Streatham and there was no doubt about who was in charge possession-wise.

After applying constant pressure throughout the first period Streatham finally broke the goalless stalemate with a goal from Californian Sean Scarborough.

Although the Redskins continued to dominate the game, London Raiders took every chance to squeeze through their defensive line and the end result was 4-2.

“We had 46 shots and at times it just felt like we were banging our heads against the wall.”

Streatham’s Adam Wood said: “Obviously we were following on from last weekend which was really successful when we took four points off table-toppers Chelmsford and we continued that yesterday we went back to the Isle of Wight and had another win there.

“We were delighted with the result against Wightlink as it’s a difficult place to play. They have a smaller rink and they use that to their advantage.

“As for that game against London Raiders, well they just seem to have become our bogie team. It’s the second time they have beaten us this year and they have really got in our heads.

“We had 46 shots tonight and at times it just felt like we were banging our heads against the wall.

“It works both ways though we seem to have got in the heads of Chelmsford who are the top team and yet somehow we can’t get the better of raiders.

“They do have a few very decent new players, the goalie who played on Sunday was a recent signing and they have another goalie who is just as impressive.

“We are still in a good place for the season though and hopefully we won’t get Raiders in the play offs.”

London Raiders’ Alan Lack made himself conspicuous by being sin-binned three times for hooking and tripping penalties.

However, according to Adam Wood it is aggressive players like Lack who make games tougher.

He said: “On Alan Lack he’s a tough little player and he’s so relentless he becomes a bit of a force to be reckoned with.”

Picture courtesy of Rick Webb, with thanks

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