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  1. mary
    April 17, 2016 @ 11:10 am

    Sex education should NOT be taught in primary schools. Some people just cant wait to take away the innocence of childhood. My grandson was stopped from taking these lesssons as he does NOT need them at his age an me and my daughter decided against him attending anymore lessons about adult sex which is what sex is about -ADULTS..he found it embarassing and boring. Kids are still playing with dolls and scooters. Kids do not want to know what thier parents get up to in the bedroom. This is pointless and those that agree with it heve a weird sense of right and wrong. They learn this in secondry school which is the right time to teach them ,or better still what happened to the parents teaching them whos job it realy is ,or they can always look it up online.This nothing but PORN to kids this age. let kids be kids!!!