VIDEO: Lockdown sees surge in sales of guitars

Figures show that sales of guitars and other instruments rose sharply over the first lockdown.

Between March and July music shops up and down the country reported a massive rise in demand for guitars.

Major retailers Gear4Music reported a 9% rise in sales of instruments, specifically guitars between April and July with the companies share price almost tripling from 142p in mid-March to more than 400p by the end of June 2020.

Shares also rose sharply at Focusrite, another UK-listed music equipment company who’s stock price increased more than 75% since the start of April 2020 to £6.94.

While good news for retailers, this surge in lockdown sales gave way to a new breed of musician, which was emerging from the front rooms of homes across the country.

SW Londoner meets one man who took up the guitar over the first lockdown and has since not looked back.

NEW HOBBY: With a surge in sales of guitars over lockdown, SWL spoke to one Mortlake resident who took up the guitar and hasn’t looked back

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