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The Boat Race – Pubs to visit and cheapest pints to buy

The Boat Race takes place this Saturday (March 30), which sees Oxford and Cambridge universities renew their rivalry for the 194th year.

A boat race so famous it’s universally known as ‘The Boat Race,’ this is a battle that has taken place every year since 1856, with the only exceptions being the two World Wars and Covid-19.

Taking place from Putney to Mortlake over a 4.25 mile course, the two universities will go head to head once again with Cambridge defending champions in both the men’s and women’s race.

With more than 250,000 spectators, the pubs will be brimming with excitement and what better to do than enjoy Britain’s favourite boat race with Britain’s favourite pastime – drinking.

Tax hikes saw the price of alcohol take a sharp increase in August last year and it continues to rise due to inflation – the elusive £5 pint has gone from ‘a bit steep’ to ‘a big steal’.

We have compiled a list of the pubs marked on the official Boat Race map and identified two key areas: the cheapest pint, and the bartender’s favourite.

Who says you can’t measure the cost of living crisis through a pint glass?

The Ship (Mortlake)

Cheapest Pint: House Ale –  £6.20

Bartender’s Choice: Flint Eye – £7.45

White Hart (Barnes)

Cheapest Pint: Pravha – £6

Bartender’s Choice – Crabbies Ginger Beer – £6.90

The Waterman’s Arms (Barnes)

Cheapest Pint: Forest Road POSH Lager – £6  

Bartender’s Choice: Forest Road SESH IPA – £6.85

Bull’s Head (Barnes)

Cheapest Pint: Young’s London Original – £5.65

Bartender’s Choice: Neck Oil – £7.35

A map depicting the route of the Gemini Boat Race route. Highlighting the different pubs you can visit on the riverside.
Boat Race Map. Credit The Boat Race

The Old Ship (Hammersmith)

Cheapest: Pravha £6.15

Bartender’s Choice: Aperol Spritz £10.50

The Dove (Hammersmith)

Cheapest: London Pride: £6.10

Bartender’s Choice: Peroni £7.35

Rutland Arms (Hammersmith)

Cheapest: Madri £6.90

Bartender’s Choice: Paulaner Munich Hell Lager £7.45

Blue Anchor (Hammersmith)

Cheapest: London Pride – £5.40

Bartender’s Choice: Hopcat – £7.95

The Crabtree (Fulham)

Cheapest Pint: House Ale – £5.95

Bartender’s Choice: Jubel £7.25

The Duke’s Head (Putney)

Cheapest Pint: Pravha – £6.15

Bartender’s Choice: Lunar Haze – £7.45

Whether you’re joining the terrace takeover at the White Hart, enjoying the Old Ship’s ‘suns out buns out’ burger shack, or heading to The Crabtree to see Toploader, you won’t be waiting until moonlight to be dancing this Saturday.

If you do end up celebrating on the riverside, make sure not to throw your plastic pint glasses away as the cups used on race day, supplied by Positively Putney, are reusable and have saved potentially 2.5 million single-use plastics over the last five years.

Featured Image: Magnus Jonasson on Unsplash

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