Person wearing royal-themed fancy dress in Bristol City Centre

Fans celebrate and watch King Charles’ Coronation from Bristol

Fans celebrated and watched the Coronation of King Charles III on screens across Bristol on Saturday.

The grey sky and light rain did not stop events taking place in the city in Southwest England.

There was an outdoor big screen and a screen inside Bristol Cathedral.

Jay Willis, 29, from Bristol, celebrated with friends as he watched the Coronation at the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

29 year old man celebrates the Coronation with his friends in Bristol
EXCITED FOR LIVE MUSIC: Jay Willis watching the King’s Coronation on a big screen with friends

Willis said: “It’s just a really historic event and something you have to enjoy with lots of other people around rather than watch it at home.”

“[It is] great to see something that’s only happened once in my lifetime so far and [I am] really really happy to be here and celebrate.”

At midday, fewer people celebrated in the park than expected due to the weather, but there was no shortage of happiness and excitement for the day.

People watch the Coronation on a big screen at Bristol & Bath Science Park
DISAPPOINTED BY THE WEATHER: Big screen at the Bristol & Bath Science Park

Emma Base, 42, from Bristol, also celebrated with friends in the science park in a variety of Coronation-themed hats and clothes.

Group of friends celebrate the Coronation in fancy dress
DRESSED FOR THE OCCASION: Emma and her friends in fancy dress

Emma, a nursery manager, had been making crowns all week with the children to get them involved in coronation planning.

Emma said: “We just want to soak in the celebrations of the day and enjoy our new king.”

She looked forward to watching the ceremony, celebrations and street parties planned for the weekend.

People also watched the Coronation in the tranquil setting of the Cathedral.

People watch the Coronation on a big screen in Bristol Cathedral
US AND THEM: Inside Bristol Cathedral while a protest happens outside

Meanwhile, only 200 metres from the entrance, anti-monarchy protesters chanted ‘not my king’.

The protest was in solidarity with the larger protests that took place in London that day.

Featured image credit: Amy Haase

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