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Grenfell Community Assembly to be held on community safety

This year’s Grenfell Community Assembly takes place on 22 February and will allow members of the public to discuss everything relating to community safety within North Kensington and Chelsea.

The meeting will take place from 5:30-8pm, hosted at Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre on Acklam Road and offer attendees refreshments and access to information stands. 

This will be the seventh Grenfell Community Assembly. 

The Grenfell Community Assembly was established in 2019 to ensure that Grenfell-related matters are openly discussed and provide the place for statutory and non-statutory partners to respond to local concerns. 

The Assembly is a forum that brings people together to engage in productive dialogue and share ideas that may lead to practical change in improving environmental issues for local people.

It creates a safe and constructive space in which the Council and Partners can engage with residents.

The evening will consists of a number of group discussions that will cover topics such as modern slavery, serious youth violence, violence against women and girls, hate crime and anti-social behaviour.

The aim is to provide residents with the opportunity to constructively communicate any thoughts or concerns with other members of the North Kensington community, representatives from the Council and officers from the Met Police. 

Councillor Emma Will, who is the Council’s Lead Member for Community Safety and will be attending the event, said: “Resident safety is a top priority for us and our community.

“That has been reflected in the feedback to our Council Plan and the fact that North Kensington residents have chosen to discuss it at the next Grenfell Community Assembly.

“February’s Assembly will allow residents to speak openly with us and our partners about the community safety issues affecting them, giving us valuable insights into their needs and highlighting how we can further support North Kensington’s community-led recovery.”

After the event takes place, a written record of the discussions will be provided along with a document detailing how the Council and its partner agencies plan to respond to any issues raised throughout the Assembly. 

Following the success of the previous Grenfell Community Assembly in September 2021, hopefully this year’s assembly will have a slightly higher attendance from the public.

Last year’s assembly had a total of 68 people attending on the night based on records from Eventbrite bookings and drop-in attendance forms completed.

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