Lambeth Green councillor joins Natalie Bennett at climate change protest

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett joined 50,000 protesters in London yesterday to demand decisive action from David Cameron at today’s Paris Climate Conference.

Fellow Green and Lambeth Councillor Scott Ainslie was on hand to press the case for South West London’s underprivileged, who he insisted were victims of climate change policy.

Activists from the Campaign Against Climate Change, Greenpeace and Avaaz, among others all lined the streets from Hyde Park to Westminster, with outlandish outfits, DJs and dancers brightening up the wind and rain.

Ms Bennett was hopeful the massive turnout would force the leaders in Paris to act positively and effectively.

Natalie Bennet green party leader
C AMPAIGNERS: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett joined 50,000 other attendees

“We need as good a result as possible out of Paris, it won’t be good enough it’s part of an on-going process, not an end point.

“I think one of the things the Green Party is demanding from the Paris climate talks is a legally binding framework.

“We need to not just have nations making promises, but have sanctions available if they do not live up to those promises.”

Greenpeace polar bear
CHANCE FOR CHANGE: Protestors are urging David Cameron to take action

Mr Ainslie said: “There’s quite a lot of us from the Lambeth Green Party because we believe the talks taking place in Paris are absolutely essential to our survival on earth.

“The Greens are here to campaign for the most vulnerable in Lambeth, but also the most vulnerable in the UK.”

renewable energy polar bear signs
FRACK OFF! Marchers peacefully protested in Westminster

An estimated 570,000 protesters took part in marches around the world yesterday, seeking a legal binding temperature limit of 2C above pre-industrial levels.

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