Hollywood beckons for couple who sold Twickenham home to fund ‘Downton Abbey on Acid’ style film


Their film will premiere in Los Angeles on October 9.


By Tom Powell

A couple who sold their Twickenham home to finance their own film are embarking on a red carpet tour of the U.S next month.

Ant Neely and Sloane U’Ren made the brave decision to sell their Gould Road house at the beginning of 2010 in order to achieve their dream.

The international award-winning ‘Dimensions: A line, a loop and a tangle of threads’ will premier in Los Angeles on October 9 before taking on Denver and New Orleans.

Mr Neely said: “We’re over the moon with how well things have gone – it is incredibly rare for a small British film to get even a limited cinema release in the U.S., so we are very fortunate.

The science fiction film, set in the 1920s, was filmed in the Cambridge area with a little budget but a large helping of generosity from industry friends.

Established British actors Patrick Godfrey, Henry Lloyd Hughes, and Camilla Rutherford all agreed to reduced pay to be in the film because they were so impressed with the script and the project itself.

“Sloane and I asked ourselves, before we embarked on this adventure, that if we made the film and it didn’t get anywhere, would we still be happy we had done it?” added Mr Neely.

For both of us, the answer was ‘yes’.

“Making a film is an expensive undertaking and our only real option was to sell our home to help fund it.

“It all seems a little nuts until you remember – life is short.”

They have come a long way from Gould Road to Hollywood on their rollercoaster journey, having spent the last 18 months on the film festival circuit.

“We do miss Twickenham – if we can, we’d very much like to move back to the area. Fingers crossed the film does well and we can do so!” said Mr Neely.

The film, which was likened to ‘Downton Abbey on acid’ by Lance Ulanoff from Mashable, won five best film awards at international film festivals.

‘Dimensions’ will be released on DVD in the UK on October 18.

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