Justine Greening vows to protect ‘village feel’ of Putney against canyon effect pollution

Justine Greening, the Conservative candidate for Putney, has reaffirmed her ideal of a ‘village feel’ for Putney to combat air pollution concerns in the area.

In response to the Putney Society’s worries that further high rises being built in the area is causing more pollution, Ms Greening called for closer involvement with residents.

She claimed that to curtail the ‘canyon effect’ in Putney residents should have a say when it comes to establishing good designs and the size of developments.

“The key issue is to involve residents with proposals as early as possible which can help ensure they reflect our local priorities,” Ms Greening said.

Members of the Putney Society believe that excessive levels of air pollution, which would be exacerbated by the high-rise developments, should be tackled with a series of proposals.

One such proposal is that Putney should have its own ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone).

John Callaway, Deputy Chair of the Putney Society has recently voiced these concerns in a letter to Wandsworth Councillor Jonathan Cook.

“The current levels of NO2 are still about two and half times EU limits,” he said.

“ULEZ zones could not only benefit Putney and other pollution hotspots, but would do away with the annual press focus every January on Putney High Street breaching its annual allowance of NO2 exceedences and instead we could be the subject of a good news story.”

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