Lambeth College lecturers invite public to celebrate strike success with party

The resolution of a bitter dispute between Lambeth College staff and management is being celebrated tonight after it ended  following 42 strike days.

The successful action supported by University and College Union (UCU) has ensured that 430 out of 530 staff can now work with their terms and conditions fully protected.

The staff want to celebrate their success and welcomes the public to join them at 7:30 tonight in the Bedford Arms, Balham.

The UCU was sent thousands of messages of support including photographs of people holding posters, and many were invited to speak at workplaces.

The group received tens of thousands of pounds of donations during the strike that allowed members to partake and still look after their families.

The strike was organised in order to campaign against new staff contracts introduced by the college, as reported by SW Londoner.

However new staff will have to abide to the new contracts with only existing, permanent, hourly-paid and fixed-term staff being protected if they change their working patterns in the future.

The group claim that they have helped new staff on sick pay in the first year of employment, as well as gaining back a week of additional teaching.

They vow to continue campaigning for Lewisham college staff and the NHS, as well as taking their banner to the national Rage Against Racism demonstration on March 21.

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