Diamond Jubilee Queen portrait to serve up sweet treat at Battersea festival


The portrait is made up of 3,120 cakes and will be displayed at Battersea Park this weekend.


By Helen Wright

A portrait of the Queen made of 3,120 cakes will be on display as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Battersea Park this weekend.

The giant portrait will be just over 94 square feet, and will be presented on an easel in the Tea and Cake area on Sunday 3rd June, protected by a cover in case of rain or excessive heat.

Every cake has been created by London-based bakers Konditor and Cook, after baker Gerhard Jenne came up with the idea to celebrate the jubilee.

Mr Jenne wanted to create a portrait for the digital age, and he and his team used cross stitch software to split the image up into a map made of colours and symbols.

“I hope we can rise to the challenge,” said Mr Jenne. “I’ve never made a portrait out of cakes before so it’s a big challenge to do something on this scale.

“Her Majesty is now a Queen in the digital age and I think the portrait should reflect that.”

Every cake has a double meaning, representing one pixel as well as one week of the Queen’s reign.

More than 1,000 eggs, 50kg of butter, 150kg of sugar and 36kg of marzipan were used to create the cakes which were baked and iced in preparation for the celebrations.

Mr Jenne and four members of his team worked flat out for four days to bake all 3,120 cakes.

Most of the cakes are made of lemon Victoria sponge and have then been covered in apricot jam and marzipan.

Mr Jenne with a trial section of the cake. Photo courtesy of Ken McKay.

Fruit cake has been used to construct a frame for the picture which will is set to be adorned with diamond shaped biscuits.

Visitors to the festival will also have the opportunity to decorate the 11 metres of fruit cake frame, which, after it has been assembled and cut, will be shared among the festival goers.  

The sponge cakes will be sold to raise money for the Food Chain charity, of which Mr Jenne is a patron, with Konditor and Cook asking for a minimum of £1 donation per cake.

Each cake will have a shelf life of 18 days.

The portrait, when finished, will consist of 18 panels of cakes and, including the frame, will measure 3.2 by 2.7 metres. 

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