BT’s ‘digital inclusion’ programme connects families and businesses in isolation

By Nylah Salam
April 29 2020, 17.04

BT is providing free online programmes to help the older generation and families stay connected during COVID-19. 

Working with the Good Things Foundation, BT has created a library of useful resources to not only help those who are less confident in their digital skills keeping in touch with their loved ones, but also guidance on accessing public services and up-to-date news. 

The new ‘Skills for Tomorrow’ initiative was part of a brand re-launch after a commitment BT made last year to reach 10 million people across the UK with the skills that they need to flourish in the digital world. 

Digital Skills for Tomorrow campaigner Pete Moorey said: “I’ve used our resources and seeing my mum’s face as she was able to video chat to us all at the same time together was brilliant.

“Since the spread of the coronavirus we have seen a 500% spike in the number of people accessing our support, so it absolutely illustrates the need for digital skills during this time.”

The scheme recognises that whoever you are in the UK, there are things that we all need to learn and need to be able to do differently to thrive in a world where things are increasingly done online. 

Award-winning chef Sarah Ali Choudhury described her experience as going from ‘crappy’ to ‘really pleased with myself’.

REALLY PLEASED: Sarah using the ‘How To Be A Digital Champion’ course

Mrs Choudhury said: “One of the main reasons I went on the scheme was to know how to convert files for my new book I have published online and creating my own website from scratch.

“My daughter struggles as well so I told her to give it a try and it’s helped with her A Levels.” 

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