Battersea Park Children’s Zoo appeals for help to survive lockdown

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo has appealed to the community to help it survive the third Covid-19 lockdown.

Without visitors, the zoo has struggled to cover the cost of looking after over 100 animals from 50 different species currently living there.

The zoo has entertained and educated children from Battersea and beyond for over 70 years with over 8,500 learning on its education programme each year.

Zookeeper Jamie Baker said: “The past year has been an unprecedented challenge for everyone across our community. 

“Our zoo is currently closed, weathering the storm of a third national lockdown. With the support of the public and our hardworking team, we are determined to overcome this huge obstacle and welcome visitors back through our gates in the future.

“We strive to always be a place in our community where children of all ages and abilities can play, learn and discover.

“We are looking to our members, visitors and friends for support.”

An animal at Battersea Park Children's Zoo.
HELP NEEDED: Donations to the zoo will help feed the animals.
Credit: Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Having enough food for all of the animals costs around £115 a day, which includes fresh fruit and vegetables, pellet feeds, meat and fish.

Donations of £75 would buy enough insects to feed all of their monkeys and lemurs for one week while £150 would feed all of the animals and provide fresh bedding for one day.

EMPTY: Lack of visitors has made it difficult for the zoo to cover its expenses.
Credit: Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Animals at the zoo include critically endangered species such as the cotton-top tamarin, Bali starlings, Scottish wildcats and lemur.

It participates in breeding European hedgehogs and Eurasian harvest mice which are released into the wild as part of UK reintroduction programmes.

Those who donate £10 will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win one of 15 prizes when the zoo reopens including keeper experiences, wallaby encounters, armadillo experiences and zoo tickets.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is accepting donations on its Crowdfunder page.

Featured image credit: Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

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