Sponsored night walk through London for homeless


Hundreds of walkers will travel through London’s streets for The Big Issue Foundation this Friday night.


By Marc Sobbohi

Hundreds of walkers will travel through the streets of London in aid of The Big Issue Foundation this Friday night.  

The Big Night Walk will see an estimated 500 people travelling 15 miles through the capital.

The walk is a chance for participants to experience the city’s greatest landmarks at night and find more about the problems facing London’s homeless community.

Walkers will also be raising money for the Big Issue Foundation through sponsorship. 

One walker said: “It gives people an opportunity to go and demonstrate just how committed we are to making a difference in our local communities.

“I would encourage every one to participate.” 

The night walk offers participants the unique firsthand experience of what life is like for London’s rough sleepers in the harsh conditions of the night. They also have the chance to speak in detail to those who live on the street.

One vendor said: “If you don’t really understand homelessness, come out and walk with us at night and you will actually see the extent of what homelessness is all about. 

“It’s not in the day, you don’t see it in the day.”

The walk also marks the 20th anniversary of the Big Issue which has established itself as an iconic publication in supporting the homeless community. The Big Issue will have celebrations that run through to mid-October. 

The organization puts ₤6 million of legitimately-earned income into the pockets of homeless people each year.

Guest editors in the past have included David Cameron, Jamie Oliver and Damien Hirst.  

To take part in the walk contact [email protected] or call 0845 217 9023. Walkers can also be sponsored through

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