A taste of Spain comes to Wimbledon Village thanks to unique Spanish & Tapas workshop

Wimbledon Village will be getting a touch of Spanish culture on Thursday evening thanks to a new hands-on cookery evening.

The one-off event at Konig Kitchens on High Street will give people the chance to improve their culinary skills by cooking a wide variety of tapas.

Spanish-style eating has never been more popular in the country and people will also get to add another language to their repertoire by learning some Spanish.

It may be a unique combination, but it is one that has proved highly successful for David Sanchez and his company Pencil & Fork since starting up in January 2013.

He said: “I’ve done this for four years now and I’ve seen many, many positive things when people are learning a language while cooking food.

“There are a lot of positive things that cover this methodology.

“Pencil & Fork is a learning activity through food and all our courses are based on learning while cooking food.

“We teach Spanish, Italian, science and maths all regarding the methodology of food.

“Our model is based on communication so we don’t have an academic model teaching grammar with homework.

“We do our communication in different subjects but they always have a culinary experience.”

Pencil & Fork also provide an innovative dining experience with a unique class in molecular gastronomy, which blends physics and chemistry to transform the taste and texture of foods.

While it may only be a small class taking part in the interactive cookery class on Thursday evening, there is potential for a range of other classes to come to Wimbledon Village.

Tapas bars have become popular in the capital in recent years, especially in SW19, and a range of tapas will be cooked that differ from the usual tortilla Espanola, croquetas de jamon and patatas bravas.

“We make lots of different tapas but it depends on people’s requirements, so I can change the ingredients to suit people,” added Mr Sanchez.

“Every month we have different workshops scheduled but it is not just Spanish classes.

“We’ve got a one-off event in Clapham Junction, as well as Wimbledon, but we also have a lot of courses that run for six weeks that have proved very popular.”

Places are still available at the Spanish & Tapas workshop which will run at 19 High Street from 7-9pm.


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