the outside of Barclays defaced

Extinction Rebellion activists target banks across south west London

Extinction Rebellion activists across the country have been protesting outside banks demanding action against fossil fuels.

On Monday, there were protests across south west London as part of the group’s nationwide “Better Without Barclays” campaign.

Protesters in Kingston and Richmond used mops and dusters to stage a mock clean-up of the bank.

Additionally, protestors handed out leaflets advising readers on how to switch to greener banks and one protest in Clapham Junction involved the words “we fund fossil fuels” being chalk-sprayed across a Barclays window.

Caroline Hartnell, a member of Extinction Rebellion Wandsworth, spoke about why they had acted against Barclays Bank.

“Barclays have to stop investing in new fossil fuel extraction immediately,” she said.

“Scientists all agree that we can’t afford to burn all the oil and gas that is currently available to us, let alone oil and gas from new sources. There is no place for investment in fossil fuel development.

“I feel so strongly about climate change because we are heading for a future that the UN Secretary General has described as ‘climate hell’ unless we act quickly.

“I have children and grandchildren and I worry about their future and that of young people everywhere.”

In a statement, Barclays Bank said: “We are determined to play our part in addressing the urgent and complex challenge of climate change.”

They spoke about their “ambition” to become net zero by 2050.

“We have a three-part strategy to turn that ambition into action: achieving net zero operations, reducing our financed emissions, and financing the transition,” they added.

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