Video: Thousands march on London to Reclaim Pride

The UK’s first Reclaim Pride march took place in London on Saturday, with thousands gathering to show their support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The march from Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park replaced the official London Pride, which has been postponed to September due to coronavirus restrictions.

Organisers of Reclaim Pride created the event in response to annual pride parades having become “over-commercialised parties” rather than a chance to protest against inequality.

Reclaim Pride was sponsored by prominent LGBTQIA+ organisations including UK Black Pride, Diva magazine, Lesbian Visibility Week, London Trans Pride, the Peter Tatchell Foundation and Stand Up To LGBTQ+ Hate Crime.

The march called for the following demands:

  • Ban LGBTQIA+ conversion therapy
  • Reform the Gender Recognition Act
  • Safe haven for LGBTQIA+ refugees
  • Decriminalisation of LGBTQIA+ people worldwide
  • Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Watch a full report of the march below to hear from attendees directly.

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