‘Transparency, quality and patient care’: Cosmetic surgery provider MYA opens flagship London hospital

UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider MYA is pleased to announce the opening of the MYA Fitzroy in the heart of London.

This new flagship cosmetic surgery hospital represents a huge step forward on transparency, quality and patient care in the cosmetics industry, with the MYA Fitzroy being the first surgery to feature a video patient journey in the hospital.

This revolutionary 3 minute patient video takes the viewer through a journey of having a cosmetic procedure at the hospital, allowing you to see a procedure through a patients eyes.

This provides excellent insight and reassurance to patients interested in cosmetic surgery and is valuable visual material on the MYA experience itself.

In the spirit of transparency the MYA Fitzroy has become the world’s first hospital to use an indoor Google ‘Street-view’.

Using Googles ‘Steet View’ technology they have brought it inside to allow anyone interested to look inside the hospital and take a tour of the first-class facility from the comfort of their own home.

This pioneering idea demonstrates MYA’s openness, by allowing full viewing of a 16-bedroom ward, 13 consultation rooms, anaesthetic room, recovery room and 2 operating theatres.

Such is the prestige of this new facility located in the esteemed Fitzrovia, Central London patients can now complete their entire cosmetic journey under one roof, from consultation to procedure to aftercare, without having to visit any other facilities.

MYA is making its way as the leader in transparent and fully informed cosmetic surgery industry and it is yet to be seen how the industry will react to this challenge.

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