Proper Plonker or Top Dog? Do YOU have the knowledge to take on London cabbies?

Do you have what it takes to be a London cabbie?

Well now you can test yourself with the launch of Hailo’s ‘Do You Have the Knowledge?’ online quiz.

The quiz pits you against the clock, wrong-turns and dead-ends mean less time to answer the 15 questions on the history of the black cab and famous London routes.

Hailo is an app that connects cabbies to customers, from black cabs to licensed cars, so punters can find their nearest ride.

Those who dare to take on the quiz will face questions varying from cabbie lingo, famous streets of London and of course the Robert De Niro film Taxi Driver.

By logging in through Facebook wannabe quizmasters have the chance to win a number of luxury prizes.

Competitors are aiming to head up the leader board and win the title of Top Dog.

If you can’t make the coveted top spot you could still make the grade of Cabbie Geezers or an Average Joe.

Be warned though, if you do poorly you will awarded the title of Proper Plonker.

Incidentally, after attempting the quiz myself – I was a Proper Plonker.

Of course, this test is a long way removed from the actual Knowledge that cabbies have to pass.

The Knowledge requires drivers to know 25,000 streets within a six mile radius of Charing Cross including restaurants, hotels, clubs, theatres and places of worship.

It can take a cabbie up to three years to pass the Knowledge and is an indication of the sheer breadth of information a London cabbie knows.

Find out if you have the Knowledge here.

Featured image courtesy of Hailo, with thanks

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