Should insurance for cyclists be mandatory?

By Jack Graham
August 26 2020, 14.25

While cycle lanes are busier than ever, a YouGov study shows that 64% of people believe Brits should have mandatory cyclist insurance.

Coronavirus has led many people to favour dusting off their old bikes instead of cramming into public transport again.

But British people who cycle at least once a month were reported to be split on the decision, compared to the rest of the country. Only 42% believe that they should have mandatory insurance, compared to 41% against the idea.

Tim Lennon from the London Cycling Campaign’s Richmond branch believes that forcing cyclists to have insurance would be fairly pointless

Mr Lennon said: “It would just be another barrier to people getting on a bike, and since cycling is really no more dangerous than walking, it would simply be a way to discourage cycling.”

When it came to commuters, bike and car commuters couldn’t agree on this topic either.

Of those who cycle to the office 50% were against mandatory insurance, with 33% in favour of it.

Whereas 68% of drivers made their voices clear, as 68% of people polled thought that insurance for cyclists was a good thing, compared to a mere 18% who were against the idea.

Cyclists are covered through most car insurance policies that include third party coverage for drivers.

This would affect the increasing number of people already taking advantage of Santander cycles that can be hired across the city.

Thanks to Transport For London you are covered when you use their Santander bikes. You can rest assured if you accidentally cause damage to someone or something else while using the cycle you won’t have to fork out too much.

However, this doesn’t include personal accident insurance, and TFL recommends that taking out your own insurance for this.

What do you think? Should cyclists have purchase mandatory insurance?

Image by Eduardo Vieira from Pixabay.

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