Young Wandsworth musicians learn tools of the trade to S.T.O.R.M music industry

Talented young musicians have the chance to master the ropes of the industry ahead of the reopening of a music studio at a Wandsworth youth club.

Social initiative S.T.O.R.M empowerment has been renovating the music studio on its premises and is planning to hold a special gig tomorrow to commemorate the event.

The music studio will give youth club members the chance to learn both sides of the music industry – production and performance – as well as advice to aid their musical development.

“The studio will give the members of the youth club the opportunity to hone their skills, be it from a performing or a technical viewpoint,” said centre manager Louise Simms.

“We want to encourage our youngsters to be creative and music is such a great medium for our young people to express themselves and to give them more confidence with their performances.”

Louise, 29, from Battersea, added that the established artists like Angel, Big Narstie and Status will be playing the special gig.

“We’ve worked with these three before and they understand what we are trying to do,” said Louise.

“Five of our brightest talents are performing a mix of their own songs and covers. They give our members such great advice on how to survive in industry as some young musicians are very naïve in their early years.”

One of these home-grown performers is 17-year-old Sade Booth, a singer/songwriter from Wandsworth, who believes access to the studio will help her fulfil her musical ambitions.

storm sade

“What’s great about the youth centre and the re-opening of the music studio is that they help nurture and advice you with your musical ability,” she said.

“I’ve been singing since I was about 14, but I’ve always performed as previously I was a dancer. I would say I have only been taking it seriously in the last year or so.”

Sade is looking forward to tomorrow night’s event, and believes this could be start of something in her musical career with the help of S.T.O.R.M.

“The only thing I want to do is sing and perform my own music. S.T.O.R.M offers people who share my dream the chance to make their dreams into a reality.

“They give you advice on the industry as well. We are all aware of the difficulties of getting into the music world and it is important that we learn about it before we try to work our way into it.”

The studio is fully PRS registered and any music created in the studio will be subject to royalties, if any of the music created in the studio is sampled by other artists.

The event starts at 6pm on Friday and further information can be found from Storm Empowerment.

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