Past his prime? Uxbridge reacts to Boris Johnson’s speculated return as PM

With Boris Johnson soaking up the Caribbean sun, his constituents in rainy Uxbridge voiced their opinions today on speculation he will return as prime minister.

The former Conservative Party leader was ousted just three months ago but is already tipped to be a frontrunner in the upcoming leadership contest.

Boris Johnson MP has represented the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015.

Today we asked people in Uxbridge town centre for their opinions on his potential return to power.

Some were staunchly against Johnson’s speculated return.

John Warner, 85, a retired London transport messenger, said: “When Boris Johnson was in power, he let himself down on a number of occasions.

“When you look back on it now a lot of people can’t believe that we are even talking about him coming back in.

“I don’t think Boris Johnson is fit to be in charge again. He made dreadful mistakes and he let a lot of people down.”

John Warner, 85, says Boris Johnson let people down | Image credit: Georgina Findlay

Richard, 69, who lives in Chelsea but shops in Uxbridge each month, echoed these sentiments.

He said: “Boris lies all the time, you can’t trust the guy. He talks a load of rubbish.

“I don’t think he should come back anyway. No way. He was Foreign Secretary, he got the sack; he was Prime Minister, he got booted out… What more do you want?

“He’s failed twice, why bring him back a third time?”

Richard, 69, does not think Boris Johnson is fit for leadership | Image credit: Georgina Findlay

Others meanwhile told us how much they favour the ex-Conservative leader and hope for his return to office.

Rhonda Edwards, 41, said: “I just love Boris Johnson and I want him to come back as Prime Minister very soon.

“He has done a lot to help the country as a whole. He makes people happy. I know he has done wrong but I love him.”

Rhonda’s business partner Clive, 52, said: “Boris would be able to bring stability and unity to the party. I don’t know what he does for Uxbridge but I love how he runs the country.

“Boris Johnson is the people’s person.”

Clive, 52, from Jammin Caribbean food, says Boris Johnson is a “people’s person” | Image credit: Georgina Findlay

For the rest, Boris Johnson is neither good nor bad but simply emblematic of the chaos rampant in Westminster.

Wayne Trevaskis, 52, a bird surveyor from Uxbridge, said: “He did an okay job as Prime Minister, but in all honesty, he had to go.

“All politicians get into the industry with a will that they want to make change and do good. But the corruption sets in, and they are in it for themselves.

“They never look after the core value which is the people.”

Lydia Alphonse, 48, a social services worker who moved to the UK from Guadeloupe, added: “I think we’re living in a world now where the government is thinking only about their pocket.

“I won’t say I like him or don’t like him, but politicians are all in the same bucket.”

Boris Johnson’s stomping ground? A street sign in Uxbridge | Image credit: Olivia Christie

With less than a week to go until the UK’s third prime minister of 2022 is announced, public opinion in the constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip certainly remains divided.

Speculation surrounding a potential comeback from Mr Johnson seems only to be heightening uncertainty in the area.

Featured image credit: Georgina Findlay

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