Google doodle celebrates 60 years of London’s Routemaster bus

Today’s Google doodle celebrates 60 years since London’s Routemaster was first unveiled.

The iconic bus, which features its trademark rear platform, has been immortalised in pixels on Google’s homepage.

It shows the vehicle gently bouncing on the homepage as if it were chugging along the road.

The Internet giant’s name is emblazoned along the side of the bus where traditionally adverts were placed.

Routemaster flickr diamond geezer

The bus was originally unveiled to the general public at Earl’s Court Commercial Motor Exhibition on September 24, 1954 but was withdrawn from general use in 2005.

However London Mayor Boris Johnson vowed to reintroduce the vehicle to the city’s streets if elected in 2008.

It was duly given a 21st century makeover and converted into a hybrid diesel-electric bus and in 2012.

Featured image courtesy of Google, with thanks

Inset image courtesy of diamond geezer, with thanks

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