Big Lunch extravaganza aims to bring Southfields neighbours together


The event takes place on the first Sunday in June.


By Ben Baker

ORGANISERS of a summer feast of food and fun in Southfields are gearing up to make the fifth annual Big Lunch the best one yet.

Launched in 2009 by the Eden Project, the Big Lunch 2013 aims to get as many people across the UK as possible to sit down with their neighbours for a meal on the first Sunday in June.

In a repeat of street parties used to celebrate such occasions as the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Jubilee in recent years, residents of Elborough Street are hoping to invoke the same spirit for their Big Lunch extravaganza on June 2.

Residents will provide the food to share while there will be entertainment on hand for families of all ages.

Polly Kennedy, 38, is part of the team putting the event together and hopes the good grub on offer will bring the community together.

“We are hoping for a big street party really at lunch time where people bring out tables and chairs and we have a barbeque,” said Polly, a PR consultant.

“We will ensure the children are entertained and we have some bunting left over from the Royal Wedding that we will put to good use.

“It won’t be the most regimented thing because with everyone bringing their own tables and chairs it will look like a bit of a mish mash but I think that adds to the fun of it.

“Everyone will hopefully get involved and we can share a nice meal because we had such a good time during the celebrations over the last couple of years with the royal family and all that.

“I think all of those made the street a friendlier place and we are hoping the Big Lunch can carry that on.”

Since 2009 thousands of Big Lunches have since taken place, with a massive 8.5 million people joining in last summer’s feast, which was part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Partnered by the Halifax, this year’s Big Lunch could range from a few neighbours getting together in the garden or on the street to a full blown street part with food, music and decoration.

The Big Lunch, an existing community initiative led by the Eden Project and partnered by Halifax, aims to bring local communities together and create a feel-good factor in British towns.

A host of people are expected to take part on June 2 this year, on what will be the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

And while this might be the first time Polly and co are getting involved, she insists it certainly won’t be the last.

“A few of us who live down the street were looking for something to do again in terms of another street party and then we heard about the Big Lunch and thought it was a great idea,” she added.

“Things like this are a nice way to break the ice for people and to see people getting to know each other and hopefully we can continue this on June 2.”

As a proud partner of The Big Lunch, an existing community initiative led by the Eden Project, Halifax is inviting you to get involved and host your own Big Lunch with your neighbours on Sunday 2 June. To find out more or request your free Big Lunch pack, visit

Photo courtesy of  The Big Lunch, with thanks.

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