Thames future flood risk: Environment Agency experts warn of danger to West London


Plans are being developed to protect up to 12.5 million people in problem areas.


By SWLondoner staff

Melting ice caps, storms and increased rainfall are posing a flood threat to parts of West London – prompting an environmental team to develop a plan tackling the risk. 

Up to 12.5 million residents and £200 billion worth of property could be affected from the increasing Thames tidal flood risk.

The Environment Agency is holding a talk tonight at the Science Museum on plans for the Thames Estuary 2100 which they hope will reduce the future risk. 

Tim Reeder from the Environment Agency said: “The ice caps are melting – and they are coming for London.” 

The areas at risk include 500,000 homes, 16 hospitals, eight power stations, four world heritage sites and 167 km of railway. 

Mr Reeder claims the current ageing infrastructures like the Thames Barrier will not be enough in the long term to deter the flooding. 

The developers have worked with other cities like Rotterdam, New York and Jakarta to pioneer new approaches and want the plans to be adaptable for climate changes in the future. 

In 1928 the Thames flood resulted in 14 people drowing and thousands made homeless when waters flowed over London embankments. 

Mr Reeder will be explaining the plans tonight as part of Science Museum Lates.  

Photo courtesy of David Sables, via Wiki Commons, with thanks.

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