On The Pulse: Do you think cage-fighting is an acceptable sport for youngsters?


A cage-fighting competition for kids is causing an uproar around the UK.


By Harry McAlister

A cage-fighting competition for kids is causing uproar around Britain.

Children as young as eight fight in front of a 250 strong crowd at Greenlands Labour Club, Lancashire.

Unlike adult competitions, children are not allowed to punch, kick, knee or elbow. Instead they must grapple with their opponent until pain forces the other to concede defeat.

The kids must abide by universal cage-fighting regulations which ban the use of padding, protection or head-guards.

Proud parents can enjoy a beer at the brawl whilst scantily-clad models provide the half-time entertainment.

But is cage-fighting an acceptable sport for youngsters?

SW Londoner took to the streets of Wandsworth to find out:

Do you think cage-fighting is an acceptable sport for youngsters?








Nico Sergeisanto, 24

“What’s the problem? Everybody fights. At any age, in any country or continent you will find people fighting. It’s part of our nature – let’s not pretend otherwise.”


Jeremy Woods, 38

“Its like modern day cock fighting. Its not about the kids, its all about the spectators. On the surface, everything looks clean. Under the table you can bet your bottom dollar they are gambling. What an atrocious environment to grow up in.”


Donny Rodriguez, 29

“My son says to me ‘Daddy I want to learn karate, I want to be a ninja.’ I tell him he can do what he wants – play football, go kayaking, go bloody banana-boating if he wants to – but at eight years old one kick to the head equals brain damage for life.”


Linda Ngethe, 30

“They’re little children. They should be doing their homework, not fighting in a cage!”


Mario Sergeisantano, 25

“Boys think they like fighting, but the truth is they don’t know what they want – they do whatever they can to make their dad proud.”


Jacob Adewedo, 19

“This is sick. What’s he going to grow up into? A professional fighter? A rude-boy? A gangster?”


Rhoda McDonald, 59

“I’m absolutely disgusted! If the parents are standing watching them fight then frankly they should have their children taken away.”


Chris Baker, 31

“Cage-fighting. Does exactly what it say on the tin. No protection. No rules. No limits. Kids cage-fighting, well, need I go further?”


Suarick Gritcher, 45

“Kids grow up too fast nowadays. I teach young girls to dance and all they want to do is emulate what they see on MTV. I guess this is an equivalent phenomenon in young boys.”


Ali Youseff, 22

“At the end of the day its encouraging violence in youngsters and it cannot be condoned.”


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