Cynical voters to discuss political issues with Streatham’s Green Party candidate during Channel 4 event

Disillusioned voters will get the chance to chat to Streatham’s Green Party parliamentary candidate tomorrow when he attends a Channel 4 event.

Streatham candidate Jonathan Bartley will meet with a group of eighty 18-25 year olds at the event hosted by TV presenter Krishan Guru-Murthy.

The group have been selected to represent young voters who have lost touch with politics and don’t feel that Westminster cares about the same issues as they do.

Mr Bartley said: “The large numbers of young people joining the Green Party say that they are completely disillusioned with three main Westminster Parties.

“All three parties are committed to the same political agenda of austerity and cuts.

“But in the Green Party they see hope – they see a party that takes global warming seriously, and a party that will stand up to UKIP. They see a party which will say no to austerity and cuts.”

A recent YouGov poll found that the Green Party was tied with the Conservatives among voters aged 18-24.

Image courtesy of  Channel 4 News via YouTube, with thanks

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