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Girls Night In: Boycott of London bars and clubs due to the injection epidemic

Nightclubs are facing a national boycott to pressure venues to tackle the recent increase in drink spiking and injections.

In response, a student lead campaign called Girls Night In launched in 30 cities that encourages individuals not to visit bars and clubs and essentially stay in.

The boycott in London is due to take place on Friday November 5 in the hope businesses take the spiking outbreak seriously.

Hannah, 20, Girls Night In member said: “The boycott is necessary because there are no other steps we can currently take to make our clubs and bars a safe place to go.

“The importance of venues listening is so that we don’t have any more of these ‘injection epidemics’ and try to stop spiking all together.

“It is a dangerous thing that is happening and if we don’t take action, how else will they listen and make changes?”

Hannah believes security should be increased to ensure forbidden items are not brought into the premises.

She added: “As a community, we would feel safer visiting these clubs and bars if they offered free drink protectors, to avoid drugs being slipped into drinks.

“Staff and security should be trained further regarding keeping everybody safe, particularly to avoid drugs and needles being brought in by increasing entry security.

“We also hope for clubs and bars to provide a clear and obvious medical centre and a safe way to get home.

“We just want our nights out to be safe and fun.”

NATIONAL BOYCOTT: Women across the country are boycotting clubs and bars

All genders are encouraged to participate with university societies cancelling their socials.

Finley Chung, 21, University of East London graduate, said: “I will certainly be supporting the boycott of clubs and bars.

“It is so important that men start to recognise the issues that women are facing.

“We really need to take more of a handle to recognise that women cannot go out without living in fear.

“They deserve to enjoy their lives and they shouldn’t have to boycott clubs and bars because some people cannot behave properly.”

Finley admitted that he worries about his female friends when they are out and to ensure their safety, he offers to take them home.

Pryzm Kingston issued an Instagram post that they are taking the spiking epidemic seriously.

A petition to make it a legal requirement to thoroughly search guests on entry has more than 160,000 signatures.

To sign the petition click:

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