Parsons Green residents say it is ‘business as usual’ one week on from terror attack

Seven days after the Parsons Green terror attack, residents and businesses say the area has returned to normal.

The terror attack on the tube occurred shortly after 8am on Friday, September 15, injuring 30 people.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the attack, and Ahmed Hassan, 18, was today charged with attempted murder.

Two men remain in custody while two were released without charge on Thursday.

Holly Leslie, 19 and her family helped victims of the attack by offering tea, food and a place to stay.

She said she was impressed by the response times of the emergency services on the day, and believes that Parsons Green was back to normal by the Saturday.

She said: “It’s just been business as usual really, thing has changed.”

Kwik Fit manager Ashley Lambert, 32, from Putney, spoke of an employee who exited the train prior to the explosion and was alerted to the attack by the onslaught of ‘100 people running towards him’.

He noted the police frequented the garage to use the facilities, and residents waited there until they could be escorted to homes inside the cordoned areas.

Despite acknowledging it was unlikely the terrorist attack was meant for Parsons Green, Ashley said the area was particularly quiet over the subsequent weekend.

Visiting tourist from Los Angeles, Eddie Erbabian, 51, said he and his seven fellow travelling companions used the Parsons Green underground station more than they had originally planned to since the attack in protest of terrorism.

He said: “Anyone can leave a bag and walk away seconds later not knowing the damage they leave behind.”

The district line station opened as usual from Saturday, September 16, but Peter Alexruffen, 45, from Croydon, who works in Fulham DIY, admitted he was still affected by the incident.

He said: “Yesterday I took the train and I was more scared because of the horror of the events last week.”

Meanwhile, Eira Bentley, a grandmother of two children at Holy Cross Primary School, said the community is still in shock.

“None of us can believe what’s gone on,” she said. “However, the school have been brilliant with the children. They’re very good there.”

A museum trip was scheduled for her ten-year-old granddaughter’s class this week, but Mrs Bentley did not let her go.

“She’s still very upset. She’s still in shock,” she said. “It puts you off – we didn’t want her going so soon after everything.”

She added: “Two little kiddies from the school were crushed in the rush at the station.”

Holy Cross declined to comment.

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