Two years after Grenfell Stormzy, Akala and Lowkey join community to remember lives lost

The Grenfell community came together after the tragic fire to mourn the 72 lives lost.

Musicians including Stormzy, Akala, Lowkey and Britain’s Got Talent contestant and Grenfell survivor Leanne Mya joined the crowd to show support last Friday.

In a passionate performance by Lowkey he said: “This is a message to the Government and I hope it gets through, regulate them before we regulate you, please arrest them before we arrest you.”

Ali Demur, of the Revolutionary Communist Group, said: “There is no justice from the Moore-Brick Inquiry into Grenfell fire and no justice from the police.

“Where are those who should be held accountable? Nowhere. We as a community are the ones left on our own.”

The 72 deaths happened after a fridge freezer malfunction on the 4th floor caused an uncontrollable fire on what was one of London’s darkest days in modern times with many in the Grenfell community continuing to accuse the government of not caring and a lack of answers.

Campaigners say around 200,000 people across Britain still live in homes where the same dangers apply, with the potential for this number to rise as many more investigations are ongoing on similar housing estates to fully see the extent of the cladding problem.

The Grenfell United pressure group says there are still ten tower blocks in London with flammable cladding which was blamed for the rapid spread of the 2017 deadly inferno.

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