Battersea youth club looking to raise funds to reduce energy use

A Battersea youth club has launched a campaign to fund project with aim of reducing carbon emissions by 5%.

On Monday 14 December Devas Youth Club and CREW Energy announced a community share offer with the aim of raising £50,000 to install heat pumps.

The offer allows potential shareholders to invest between £250 and £5,000 and excess funds will be used to support CREW’s fuel poverty alleviation project.

Devas Club director Johnny Devas said: “It will help us engage with our young members and show that change is possible in the face of the climate emergency.”

The move is the third phase of a partnership between CREW and Devas Club that began in 2018 and this latest project will see them exceed their aim of a 5% reduction in carbon emissions.

Previously CREW have installed LED lighting, double glazing and destratifiers alongside a building management system to reduce the club’s energy use by 25% annually.

There are also plans to run engagement events at the club to help its members understand and tackle the climate crisis while older members of the club will be offered training to become energy assessors.

CREW Energy chair Toby Costin, said: “Community share offers will become an increasingly important source of funding in our fight against climate change, as communities pull together to tackle this mammoth challenge.”

Speaking last month, he said: “The Government can and will only do so much. It is vital that we as citizens also take some responsibility and adopt the measures we can afford and change habits wherever possible.”

The deadline for the scheme is 21 January and you can find further information here.

Featured image credit: CREW Energy

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