Clapham blogger is aiming higher after winning ‘gardening Oscar’

After winning the Gardening Media Guild Award for Blog of the Year on December 2, Jack Wallington is launching his own garden design company.

The company, Jack Wallington Garden Design, set to be ready in January will focus on designing, planning, planting and organising gardens mainly in and around South West London.

On winning the award, Jack, 34, said: “It’s overwhelming.

“It’s given me that reassurance that what I’m doing is along the right lines.”

After buying his new flat with a miniscule urban garden four years ago Jack started his blog.

Jack lives with his partner Christopher Anderson, 39, who co-founded Electric Labs company and has supported Jack’s recent success.

Jack currently works full-time for The Student Room, a large student website, and part-time as a gardening designer.

He has appeared on ITV’s This Morning, BBC News and Sky News and is a published author, having written articles for The Independent, The Guardian, Gardeners World Magazine, Garden News and The Daily Mail.

Jack started gardening from the young age of five when his mum and dad gave him seeds to plant for him to then sell to neighbours.

Jack said: “I love weeds, but it’s hard when you kill a plant.”

His blog has recently received great waves of recognition after winning the award.

Although Jack love gardens, he said: “Spiky plants, roses are deadly, that’s one job I don’t look forward to doing.”

This Christmas he has treated his devoted blog followers to a guide on ‘How to make a Santa Cactus’.

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