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WATCH: Community spaces to be developed at Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House and Gardens has announced plans to develop underused areas into new spaces for the local community.

Four areas will be developed, which aims to cater for artists, visitors who want to learn more about horticulture, charity volunteers and local schools.

The charity’s director, Xanthe Arvanitakis, said: “What’s happened since Covid is this real need and demand for outdoor learning, getting involved in gardening and food production, and getting your hands dirty.

“We already had an established volunteer programme and we have waiting lists for all types of volunteering positions.

“But we can’t quite meet the current demand so we’re trying to expand our existing programmes and create opportunities so that anyone can get involved.”

All new buildings have been designed to be physically accessible, as well as interactive for a diverse audience.

The projects came to life through consultations with community partners, where current volunteers and visitors shaped their future spaces.

Harvinder Kaur Bahra, community participation manager at Chiswick House and Gardens said: “They’ve been with us from the beginning, from project participants to now really owning the space and belonging here.

“Their voices are embedded in the plan and the spaces.”

She added: “When you have an incredible resource like this, you have a real responsibility to your local community that this resource is shared.”

Chiswick House and Gardens Trust is an independent charity established by Hounslow Council and English Heritage in 2007.

These partners provide 25% of general funding, with the charity raising the rest.

Currently, one third of the fundraising for the developments has been raised.

Depending on funding, planning permission and construction, it is hoped that the new spaces will be up and running by early 2025.

To hear more insights from Arvanitakis and Kaur Bahra, watch the video below.

To find out more about the project, visit the Chiswick House and Garden’s website.

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