Balham pubs crackdown on crime


Known offenders will now be more recognisable to Balham pubs due to a new information sharing scheme.


By George Newley

Known offenders will now be more recognisable to pubs in Balham due to a new information sharing scheme.

The scheme was set up by The Met Police Balham Safer Neighbourhood Team along with Wandsworth Council.

Police can now give photos of known offenders to members of the Balham Pubwatch group.

Balham Police Constable Tony Perrott said: “The aim of the scheme is to enable staff at pubs and bars to identify those known for offences such as theft and disorder and refuse them entry or call police regarding any suspicious behaviour.”

 Two suspects were recently arrested after they had been identified by a Balham Pubwatch member for stealing handbags.

 The Moon Under Water manager, Emma Geary, said:  “I have worked in other towns and it has worked. Sharing who is causing trouble and who you don’t want in your pub.

 “We politely ask them to leave and explain why they are not allowed to be here. They are barred for a reason.”

Wandsworth councillor, Claire Clay, said: “This new initiative will ensure the police, council and local pubs are routinely sharing information about known criminals and are better equipped to spot trouble before it starts.

 “By working closely with our residents and businesses we can make a real difference to the safety and security in our pubs and bars.”

Balham Pubwatch comprises of 17 licensed premises which are working to tackle antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

Manager of pub, The Puzzle, Andrea Vinci, said: “I know most of the other managers around and we can say if we have seen any of the people on the list.

“As a pub we don’t really attract these kinds of people but it is a good use. But I think closer to the station they attract a different crowd.”


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