Romantic proposal sends cinematic cupid’s arrow to one lucky-in-love Brixtonite… but did she say yes?

The woman who caught Brixtonians’ romantic imaginations with a very public proposal on the marquee of Ritzy cinema on Wednesday night has spoken out.

‘Marisa’ came forward last night after a Twitter campaign was launched to find out if the rom-com style gesture was successful or if the cinematic sign had failed.

Marisa captured not just the heart of her intended but also the public with her romantic sign that read:

Now it’s my turn Chris

Will you marry me?

Marisa XX

“Yes Chris did say ‘Yes’, and yes she had asked me already in New York, I was just returning the favour!” She tweeted.

Her fiancée Chris also tweeted her surprise saying: “Huge surprise!! Thanks so much to all. Went weak at the knees and blubbed like a fool!!”

The loving message inspired not only an outburst from Chris, but warmed the hearts of passer-bys who were glad to see romance is still alive.

Featured picture courtesy of Charelle Griffith, with thanks

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