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Bank branches closing as digital banking takes over

Several bank branches in London are closing as online banking continues to surge. 

HSBC in Twickenham plans to close on 20 June, with nine in 10 customers now transact via telephone, internet or smartphone according to HSBC – while 99% of cash withdrawals are made at an ATM. 

As a result of this closure, the closest HSBC branch is 67 George Street, Richmond. Overall HSBC is to close 114 of its branches. 

There are concerns about vulnerable people like the elderly who rely on these branches as they experience struggles with modern technology. 

Furthermore, there are people who do not have access at all to WiFi. 

Customers are still able to use the Post Office to pay in cash or cheques, withdraw money and check their balances. 

The nearest Post Office is 63 London Rd, Twickenham. Other local services include ATM machines, Paypoints and through cashback. 

Barclays Bank on the corner of York Street in Twickenham closed 14 December 2022.

Barclays claimed it closely analysed how the branch was used and the ways customers were interacting with its banking. 

A spokesperson said: “Our customers’ behaviour has changed significantly in recent years, with the majority now choosing online banking.  

“This was reflected at Twickenham branch, and as we adapt, we are finding new ways to support our customers by maintaining our community presence with options for customers who still require in-person support.

“Our Barclays Local offering in Twickenham, Whitton and Feltham enables customers to meet with a colleague for a wide range of support such as financial reviews, balance checks, transfers and bill payments, and support with digital banking without the need to travel.” 

A total of 93% of people who used the branch also banked using the app, online or via phone in 2021. 

Fifteen customers used the branch regularly and 34% of this branch’s customers have used nearby branches in the last 12 months. 

As a result of the closure of the branch in Twickenham the closest Barclays branches are 8 George Street, Richmond and 210 High Street, Hounslow. 

Other scheduled Barclays closures include: 

  • Oxford Rd, Guiseley – 12 April
  • High St, Hunstanton – 12 April
  • Walworth Rd, London – 13 April
  • Hanbury Rd, Bargoed – 14 April
  • Church St, Barnoldswich – 14 April
  • Station Rd, Flitwick – 14 April
  • Market Place, Macclesfield – 14 April
  • High St, Milton Keynes – 18 April
  • Hutton Rd, Shenfield – 19 April
  • Tower Bridge Rd, London – 19 April
  • Green St, London – 20 April
  • Front St, Bishop Auckland – 21 April
  • Birmingham Rd, Warely – 21 April
  • Market Square, Keswick – 21 April
  • Harrogate Rd, Leeds – 21 April

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