Sweat for a cause: Tackling AIDS with Tooting fundraising boot camp

A Tooting personal trainer is fund-raising for a Wandsworth AIDS charity by launching a community fitness boot camp tomorrow.

Ashley Green, 42, is working with AIDS awareness charity Wandsworth Oasis this weekend in order to help raise money and spread the word.

The fitness session, taking place at 9:30am on Tooting Common, Emmanuel Road on Sunday will be a combination of hard exercise and fun.

Mr Green said: “The awareness for AIDS has definitely decreased in that last year. It is a life-changing issue.

“Bringing people together helps to overcome the stigma surrounding the issue.”

Wandsworth Oasis CEO Gill Perkins believes Mr Green has chosen a particularly apt issue to champion, as there is a real problem in the Battersea area.

In north Battersea, the prevalence of AIDS is believed to be approximately ten times the national average.

Mrs Perkins, 53, said: “The awareness just is not there.

“Often cultural differences or religious beliefs make AIDS an extremely difficult issue to tackle. People do not want to talk about it.”

Mr Green hopes to replicate Sunday’s efforts for other issue that require public attention in future.

If you would like to attend, no sign-up is required, and a donation of £10 is suggested by Mr Green.

Picture courtesy of Port of San Diego, with thanks

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