Khan he make it all the way to City Hall? Tooting Labour MP sets out mayoral stall

Labour hopeful Sadiq Khan has set out his ambitious plans to increase affordable housing and slash publish transport costs.

After resigning from his position as Shadow Justice Secretary last month, Mr Khan spoke to SW Londoner about his mission to sway Conservative and Lib Dem voters with plans to make London a more connected and less divided society.

Mr Khan said his priorities are to break down barriers between different classes and communities.

He said: “What we need to see is a leader of the city who understands the different communities and tries to bring them together.

“You’ve got to go door to door, street to street, church to church, mosque to mosque, temple to temple, workplace to workplace.

“You need to be listening to people and have policies that address their concerns.”

High on his roster is addressing the issue of housing in the capital and the number of properties used as investments.

“We need to radically increase the supply of affordable homes, not just luxury homes bought by foreigners as a form of land banking.

“London homes are being used as gold bricks,” he said.

Mr Khan has already put forward a proposed amendment to the housing bill which prevents replacement homes in the Right to Buy scheme being sold until building has started.

The city’s rental market would also be subject to Mr Khan’s reform and he is now exploring the idea of a London-wide not-for-profit letting agency, as well as pledging to cap rental prices at one third of the tenant’s income.

“You as a tenant would know you’re not being ripped off and a landlord would know that they have a long-term let with income guaranteed,” he said.

Mr Johnson admitted in City Hall yesterday that his team were ‘miles behind’ their targets on the London Rental Standard scheme.

Mr Khan recognises the property market is one facet of the worrying rise in the cost of living along with commuting costs.

The Tooting MP outlined his desire for a fare freeze on all public transport until 2020, should he be elected.

He said: “Tubes in London are more expensive than anywhere in the world while people are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

“What I am going to do is help people over the next four years to see what their fares will be and can then budget.”

It doesn’t seem that he will be following in Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith’s footsteps by petitioning voters.

He said: “The people of Tooting are best served by a Labour mayor who will improve the quality of life meaning better homes and decent public transport.”

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