Staying safe: Richmond bottom of list on sinister Murder Map charting London killings

A sinister interactive map documenting the history of killings in London has revealed that Richmond is one of the areas where least murders take place in the capital.

Listing murders and manslaughters from 2008 onwards, each death is colour coded according to murder weapon and pin pointed on the geographical location of the crime.

The data has been gathered by former reporter Peter Stubley who, having covered many murders when he worked as a journalist, felt that they offered a different perspective on London and its problems.

He said: “I thought it was a good idea to try and follow every single case of murder and manslaughter from start to finish rather than just the cases that make the newspaper.”

Mr Stubley keeps the map up to date using information from the police and following cases through the courts.

While his records are complete since the years of Jack the Ripper, the actual map has a complete record from 2008 onwards.

Mr Stubley notes that south west London is probably the least mentioned area on the website, Richmond in particular.

Although a few well known killings have taken place here, including the murder of Amelie Delagrange by Levi Bellfield in Twickenham and Rachel Nickell’s disturbing stabbing on Wimbledon Common.

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