A Place to Call Home

Artwork of Wandsworth schoolchildren on show in Southside Shopping Centre

The artwork of Wandsworth schoolchildren is on show in a newly opened exhibition titled A Place to Call Home.

More than 2000 pupils from 51 schools participated in the collaborative art project which Wandsworth Council introduced as part of their wider aim to encourage communication between state and independent schools in the borough.

Local artist Alexander Mourant curated the exhibition, piecing together 180 panels produced by classes from years five, six and seven.

He also created a handbook to give teachers ideas on what the children could make and this included self-portraits, collages and constructing small replicas of high street buildings.  

Each finished panel explores the meaning of community and joins with others to form small buildings which now stand in the exhibition hall.

A Place to Call Home is on display in Southside Shopping Centre and is open to the public from March 4-25.

See more about the exhibition below.

Feature image credit: Stefan Frost

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